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Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's LAST APRIL, SEVERAL HUNDRED BLACK-TIE and couture-clad worthies crowded into the ornate ballroom of the

Teach your patients well - automated education tools

Teach your patients well - automated education tools With automated education tools clinicians can give patients the information they need to

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the COPD is currently the sixth leading cause of death and the 12th leading cause of morbidity

Acceptable analytical

Acceptable analytical This article, based on material from a 2003 PhRMA workshop on acceptable analytical


NATURAL TREATMENT FOR ACNE Acne Vulgaris commonly called Acne is a type of skin disease. It also commonly referred to as pimples spots or zits. It is caused by changes in the skin structures, hair follicle and the associated sebaceous glands. It can be inflammatory in condition but it can also occur in non inflammatory forms. It most commonly occurs during adolescence, affecting more than 85 % of the teenagers and can continue into adulthood. When the increased hormonal activity weakens the immune system and subjects it to disorders.

The upper neck and face are mostly affected by acne; it can also affect the chest, back and shoulders as well. In adolescents who are the most socially insecure the effect of acne is mostly psychological affecting the self esteem and can also result in depression. Hence its aggressive and early treatment is most desirable. .

Recent studies have shown that newly diagnosed acne patients tend to have lower levels of vitamin A circulating in their bloodstream than those who are acne free. In addition people with severe acne also tend to have lower blood levels of vitamin E. Hence it is necessary to consume food rich in Vitamin A and E, or their supplements. There are many products available for the treatment of acne, most without any scientifically-proven effects. Generally speaking successful treatments give little improvement within the first week or two; and then the acne decreases over approximately 3 months, after which the improvement starts to flatten out. Short bursts of cortisone can give very quick results.

Some types of treatments can rapidly improve some active spots, but not usually all active spots. Photo therapy using blue and red light has also been found to be beneficial. Intense violet light used twice weekly has been shown to reduce the number of acne lesions by about 64%; and is even more effective when applied daily. Its effectiveness is further enhanced when used along with red light. The light is applied through purpose-built fluorescent lighting, dichroic bulbs, LED's or lasers.

Lasers are normally used to burn the follicle sac from which the hair grows, to destroy the sebaceous gland which produces the oil by burning and to induce formation of oxygen in the bacteria to killing them. Laser treatment can also be used for the scars left behind by acne. However this form of treatment is expensive Some naturally available substances are also used in Ayurveda and in home made preparations which are effective in some people. There are no medical studies conducted to confirm their action.

Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca oil has been used with some success. Its action is comparable to benzoyl peroxide, but without excessive drying of the skin. It is also effective in the case of skin infections and has anti inflammatory properties. Some conventional home based and ayurvedic preparations use turmeric, neem, aloe vera, papaya and Hemedesmus indicus or anantamula as it is commonly known as.

Neem is used for anti inflammatory and bactericidal properties while turmeric is used for its bactericidal and cleansing and antiseptic qualities.

Yuri Karaban is the author of this article on Skin Treatment FAQ. Find more information about Natural Acne Treatment Solution here.

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