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Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's LAST APRIL, SEVERAL HUNDRED BLACK-TIE and couture-clad worthies crowded into the ornate ballroom of the

Teach your patients well - automated education tools

Teach your patients well - automated education tools With automated education tools clinicians can give patients the information they need to

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the COPD is currently the sixth leading cause of death and the 12th leading cause of morbidity

Acceptable analytical

Acceptable analytical This article, based on material from a 2003 PhRMA workshop on acceptable analytical

How To Choose A Hair Growth Product

Recent advances in science and technology have allowed for the advancement of research in the area of hair loss and slowed hair growth. Thankfully, this same research has allowed for the creation of a variety of products for hair growth. Treatment options range from lotions and shampoos to hair transplantation and laser treatments. Finding the best hair care products for your needs can sometimes be a difficult process and might lead to additional stress.

Know that patience and perseverance will allow you find the best natural hair growth products to suit your needs. Try to remain as relaxed as possible in order to avoid causing additional hair loss. Before you embark on your mission to find fast hair growth products you'll want to assess your own diet. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals may have a direct impact on whether or not you have a healthy head of hair and a vitamin supplement may be in order. Vitamin supplements are available in liquid and pill form, as multi-vitamin combinations or as individual vitamins. Your vitamin options are endless.

Vitamins, specifically iron and nutrients like amino acids, have a direct impact on the health of your hair follicles and their ability to produce hair strands. Taking a vitamin for hair growth will not only help you with your hair growth but will also promote your overall health and well being. You may choose from regular multi-vitamin supplements or those designed specifically for hair growth. After changing your diet or adding a supplement, look at the type of shampoo you use. Some shampoos contain harsh chemicals and may make your hair loss problems worse, especially if you shampoo frequently. Your local pharmacy should have a section of hair growth products for men as well as for women.

In this section you'll find shampoos specifically designed to promote the growth of healthy hair. Making a change to the type of shampoo you use will prove useless if you continue to abuse your hair with styling products and harsh blow dryers. Try to avoid the use of hair sprays and gels as they only make shampooing your hair more difficult. Try to towel dry your hair as often as possible. If you must use a blow-dryer, try use a lower heat setting. Finding the proper products for hair growth is a difficult task and you may want to consult your hair care specialist before taking any further action.

He or she will be fully equipped to assist you in assessing your situation and choosing the best hair growth products for men or women. You have the right to ask questions and do additional research before agreeing to a course of treatment. Be sure to exercise those rights if you are ever unsure. Choosing a healthy diet, staying out of the harsh sun, and using skin and hair care products designed to protect your hair and scalp from UV rays will help slow the hair loss process. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to stop hair loss, especially if you are genetically pre-disposed. Preventing any health condition is always easier than trying to cure one, so try anything you can to stop or slow your own.

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