Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's

Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's LAST APRIL, SEVERAL HUNDRED BLACK-TIE and couture-clad worthies crowded into the ornate ballroom of the

Teach your patients well - automated education tools

Teach your patients well - automated education tools With automated education tools clinicians can give patients the information they need to

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the COPD is currently the sixth leading cause of death and the 12th leading cause of morbidity

Acceptable analytical

Acceptable analytical This article, based on material from a 2003 PhRMA workshop on acceptable analytical

Pure Drinking Water To Bottle Or To Filter That Is The Question

Finding a way to provide your family with pure drinking water is a pretty typical dilemma. You hear all the time about the potential dangers that can come out of the tap. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem that can allow you to get pure mineral drinking water and not break the bank. The answer is to install a filtration system that will allow you to pour pure drinking water straight from your tap.

Filtration systems are an excellent alternative to bottles. With a good system you're not just limited to a few gallons but an unlimited supply. Now, some people might try to get you to go the bottled route, but there are definitely some setbacks to settling for anything other than pure mineral drinking water. First of all buying bottles is incredibly expensive. The cheapest generic brand can run about $0.

75 cents a gallon and up to a $1.55 for the designer brands. If you want to buy smaller sized bottles, it would cost you way more than a glass of pure drinking water from your own kitchen.

Now imagine being able to get pure mineral drinking water for about 10 cents a gallon. Your supply never runs out and it's crystal clear. Bottles are a pretty inefficient way to try to get pure drinking water. If you're concerned about the environment you should know that Americans purchased nearly 31 million bottles in 2006. These bottles just add to the waste that is putting severe stains on our natural resources.

Using pure mineral drinking water that comes from your tap is a way that you and your family can help Mother Nature. For every glass you drink, that's less trash floating around. If you go the bottled route, you still have to worry about contaminants. This is because the federal government has guidelines that allow for small levels of these harmful materials, even in a product called pure drinking water. Some scary examples of contaminants include lead, insecticides, septic tank cleaner, prescription drugs and more.

You won't find them in pure mineral drinking water, if you get the right filtration system. A good one is made with the idea that there is no "acceptable" amount of contamination. The best ones allow nothing to get through except for the natural nutrients that give it a nice mountain spring flavor. Ion exchange is the technology that allows this to happen on your kitchen counter. It also allows you to get pure mineral drinking water right from your tap.

When you or your family goes to get a glass, you won't have to worry about trace contaminants like lead. You will only need to worry about finding a clean glass. Replenishing the fluids that you lose every day is an important step in protecting your long term health.

You can do that without all your money down the drain (pun intended), as you would if you bought sufficient quantities of those bottles. A quality filtration system guarantees that your family will have all of the pure drinking water that you need all of the time and for only pennies a day.

Rich Eng serves as the leader of a high growth healthcare services business for a Fortune 500 company. A 20 year industry veteran and "holistic health and fitness" coach, he constantly researches better ways to improve one's mind, body and spirit. Visit his site at to learn more about the drinking water filters he personally uses and why he chose this product after extensive research.

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