Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's

Hot flash, cold cash: how a once-respected women's LAST APRIL, SEVERAL HUNDRED BLACK-TIE and couture-clad worthies crowded into the ornate ballroom of the

Teach your patients well - automated education tools

Teach your patients well - automated education tools With automated education tools clinicians can give patients the information they need to

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the

COPD in 2001 : a major challenge for medicine, the COPD is currently the sixth leading cause of death and the 12th leading cause of morbidity

Acceptable analytical

Acceptable analytical This article, based on material from a 2003 PhRMA workshop on acceptable analytical

There Is a Great Chance Of Contacting HivAids Virus When Nursing An Infected Person

It is very important to distinguish nursing in a clinical setting from nursing or caring for a person in a home setting. It would be a grave mistake to discourage family or loved ones from providing love and care for an HIV/AIDS infected person due to fear of contracting HIV/AIDS. Bathing, Feeding, Hugging,Holding hands, Cleaning house or dishes, Sharing bathroom and sleeping together - all this are zero risk and proved not infectious on contracting the HIV/AIDS virus. As the care provided more medical and clinical in nature. Examples would be if you are doing dressing changes for an open wounds.

Obviously utilising universal precautions like {glove} would be very necessary if not the possibilities of the infection is high. Occupational exposure i.e: Needlestick injuries are a means of contacting HIV/AIDS.

However, even the risk is very small. A skin break with a needle contaminated with blood from an HIV/AIDS infected person presents a 0.06% risk of infection to the health care worker.

This percentage varies with several factors, depth of puncture, type of instrument {Hollow bore, wire, scalpel, etc} viral load of patient, etc. occupational health should be contacted immidiately after exposure to body fluids and counselling should be providing to allow a rational decision to be made regarding taking HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral prophylaxis. Condoms are 100% safe from contacting HIV/AIDS, if you use it correctly and store it in a suitable environment: If you use a good reputable brand of condoms and used it correctly is very safe and protective guarantee. This is of particularly reference during the practice of ''dry ejaculations''. Even a condom of reputable brand and seemingly intact on visual inspection, can have a micro-perforation. Proper use of a latex condom = 'safe ejaculation', but is not guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Use correct condoms of good reputable brand. You can not be infected with HIV/AIDS from the blood of animal or eating meat: If is about eating meat, there is no possibilities of contacting HIV/AIDS through animals. However, there are many animal pathogens that can be acquired through ingestion of uncooked meats. In cultures where eating uncooked or raw meats is the norm, several known infections are sure to occur, for example: ingestion of monkey brain, uncooked pork, drinking of blood, etc. Remember that HIV/AIDS is a distance relative of SIV {simian immunodeficiency virus} so infections of pathogens once believed to be confined to animals, and can be pass to human being too.

HIV/AIDS can not be cured by traditional healers or even native doctors and herbalist: Though traditional healers and herbalists can be very strong and successful in dealing with the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and this is where this myth has come from. They have an important role to play in the treating the symptoms and in boosting the immune system but they cannot cure HIV/AIDS. Till today, there's not been any record solutions to curing HIV/AIDS permanentely, but there is anti-retroviral solution for mentaining and restoring the infected person's immune system.

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